Tokyo Ghoul Contacts

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Contacts

Never before have you been able to cosplay with such accuracy. Our Tokyo Ghoul Contacts are bright red, just like Ken Kaneki's eyes! These are not Sclera Contacts, sadly Slcera Lenses come with too many risks and Camo Eyes does not sell that style. So whether it be your next cosplay convention or you just want to have fun, try these amazing Tokyo Ghoul Eye Contacts from CamoEyes and you'll never want to have normal eyes again!

Halloween & Cosplay Contacts

Like these Tokyo Ghoul Contacts from Camo Eyes? You'll love our whole selection!
Camo Eyes sells Cosplay Contacts for Halloween, Cosplay and even regular beautiful pairs for an every day natural look. Our lenses are all FDA Approved and we ship from The USA, not from over seas like most companies